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GK 3 sluoksnių dėžutė 200mm x 150mm x 150mm
Archive box
2,18 €   1,80 € without VAT
2,18 €   |  1,80 € without VAT

Box for archiving, transport or other purposes. The box has a lid for convenient and quick closing and opening. The side handles will help to move the box easily. A cardboard box is an environmentally friendly way of archiving and can be reused.

Inner width: 12 mm less than outer width

Inner length: 12 mm less than outer length

Inner height: 12mm less than outer height

Material: corrugated cardboard (3 layers, 4 mm)

Number of departments: 1

Color: brown

Lid: included

Box storage: flat, unfolded

The box is suitable for documents, folders, books, samples, collections, magazines and other goods.